Monday, December 31, 2012

One Word for 2013 is a website that supports a community of people who have made a commitment to strive towards a goal of being, not doing.  Instead of resolutions, you choose one word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live.  One word that you can focus on every day, all year long.  With intention and commitment, your word can shape your year and your self.

Choosing a word is difficult, because it's easy to read other's words and try to claim them as your own.  Or words can become grand or mundane, or challenge you to a halt or become meaningless.  I think I have chosen the right word for me, but I intend to spend the rest of today mulling it over and I'll tell you all in the morning ;-)

think about joining me on this, okay?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

prayers for this day and other days

Guerrillas Of Grace: Prayers For The Battle
if you haven't read through this book yet, I urge you to pick one up.  I have had my copy for about 7 years, and I am always finding lovely things in between its pages.

here is a portion of one prayer that I have been praying for a relationship I am currently in.

Help Me to Believe in Beginnings

God of history and of my heart,
so much has happened to me during these whirlwind days:
    I've known death and birth;
    I've been brave and scared;
    I've hurt, I've helped;
    I've been honest, I've lied;
    I've destroyed, I've created;
    I've been with people, I've been lonely;
    I've been loyal, I've betrayed;
    I've decided, I've waffled;
    I've laughed and I've cried.
You know my frail heart and my frayed history -
and now another day begins.

O God, help me to believe in beginnings
and in my beginning again,
no matter how often I've failed before.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

playing with an image of g-d

I am working on drawing this image up, but here is the verbiage that has spilled from my head this afternoon...

feminine being with earthen eyes
holding a table of the world out from her chest with arms waving excess underneath and bulging biceps
standing up with the strain
with one eye she watches
as her people and her creations wander about with their (our) intentions
and joys and energies varied
move about the earth-table with hollowed bellies, wide open holes like windows to what lies beyond them

some - many - few people kneel down at the feminine breasts
that lay across the table leaking sustenance from her body,
the excess dreamily dripping from their lips
while others slurp fast and move on
and from others the milk spills back out from their hollow centers and trails behind them
and some moan and wail as their tears join the flowing milk in sadness or joy as it flows to the edges of the table-earth

some - many - few people kneel down on the earth-table, and fondle the dirt
with expressions of peace or agony or indifference strewn about their faces and pieces of dirt fall
off the edge of the world
near the feet of the mother who

watches us with one eye

while the other tends to
a pot
of gurgling mud
made up from table-world spilled dirt
which spews steam and smoke swirls up
over the table-world,
circling up and around the hollow centers of the creations wandering across this table-earth
 and filling them
 fueling them
reminding and encouraging them
this, the dirt of decomposed and re-purposed prayers minded by the mother, tended to with a watchful eye, and touched from the lives of those drinking from the streams of her breasts.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Deaconess Assembly

Shepherd and I are in Pittsburgh, PA for the ELCA Deaconess Assembly this week.  Today was the day that all the Sister's arrived and, as a candidate, (Shep &) I ushered them to their rooms and got a chance to chat with many of them on the short walk.  I have to say, I expected a diverse bunch, and these women do not disappoint.  Many were very loving of Shepherd, asking to be called 'Auntie.'  Many were kind in introducing themselves.  Many were ambivalent about us, seeming only to care about their fellow Sisters.  A few actually told me they would not remember my name until I was invested and given the title Sister.  And only 2 (so far, to be fair) have asked me where I feel called to ministry.  I will likely disregard this as something to be attributed to the annual-ness this community gathers, and therefore the rarity so many of these women - many of whom spent time living together in community - get to see one another.  That, and it is the first day.  But some of it puts me off.  I have a few sisters that, sadly already, I have written off as women who will not ever care about what I care about - even though I don't know the first thing about them beyond their names.  Tomorrow the community will begin the process of calling and voting on a new Directing Deaconess.  As a candidate, I am highly encouraged to participate in the discussions and meetings about this, however I am not allowed to vote.  Makes sense.  However, how much would my spoken opinion matter if something needed to be said?  Like I said, I don't know 3/4 of these women from the women I see at the Woodinville Target on a given day, do they care about my opinion or what it represents? Will my voice be one of a young mother who feels a call to prophetic diakonia in a post-religious world in the  Pacific-Northwest, or a girl candidate who doesn't know the community's unspoken rules yet?  I don't know, but I hope that I can be humble enough to be listening for the Lord's stillness and nudges as I enter these discussions.
sigh.  (that was a good one, for the most part)

Monday, September 17, 2012

New things are happening in our home

First, we got a dog.
Second, our girl began Kindergarten - and not just kinder, but full-day kinder.  Plus, she rides the bus.  Plus it's Mon-Fri.  Plus a million other things....
Third, our baby is hardly a babe any more - for Shepherd turned one, and took some precautionary first steps this weekend.
Fourth, Shepherd also began going to daycare this week, because....
Fifth, I start my internship in another week, and classes again this week.
Sixth, I joined the local Stroller Strides group and my arms and abs and thighs and ass and hate/love me for it.
I have many things I'm intending to do with some of this flex-time while both kids are with other adults and I'm not studying, but today on this first day with no kids and no homework, I went to target all by myself and tried on pants.  Yup.  firsts.

Friday, August 24, 2012

today I reach a milestone

Today, my spouse and I celebrate 10 years of marriage.  I am completely honored to have such a fantastic life partner who challenges me, inspires me, comforts me, and believes in me.  We are as different from one another as we are alike.  We compliment one another as often as we frustrate.  But in these past 10 years of marriage, I would not exchange any of the hard or good times for something different.

This first chapter of our marriage has included major things.  Buying and selling and buying homes.  Multiple moves.  Multiple jobs. Medical surprises.  Babies. College.  More college.  Graduate school.  And building a successful business.   I'm hoping that this next chapter of 10 years includes things like getting into the groove of a career for me, finding that perfect fit for James to teach others about ethics and rights, teaching our growing kids how to be peacemakers and justice seekers in their communities, and continuing to find ways to live out the things we believe in our home, family, and community.  I believe that the first chapter was the hardest - many major challenges and changes happen in a family during those younger years.  Here's to hoping the next chapter can be settling and defining of how we live our relationship out in and for the world.

Happy Anniversary!

Friday, July 20, 2012

What I am....

eating - the best macaroni salad ever by pioneer woman

This weekend brings many joys for this mama.  I get to go sew with a  mama friend tonight.  Tomorrow I'm meeting another mama for an event that brings exercise equipment for moms to parks where their kiddos play, and Sunday, I get to tour my dad's garden with my neighbor mama friend.  I'm looking forward to the refreshment of spending time with others :)

hope you all have a great weekend, too!

If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden. 
- Robert Brault

I have been enjoying this summer weather Seattle has had.  Did y'all get that? I, Ms.I.Love.Rain.More.Than.Normal said that these sunny weeks haven't been the death of me like I always assumed they would be :).  I have been outside with the kids for 10+ hours each day in our very own yard, with our very own garden, weeding our very own beds, and eating our very own produce.  I have been wearing tank tops and the freckles on my shoulders are merging into one giant darn brown splotch, and my 30 year old sunscreened and freckled face is glowing back at me from the mirror, looking like I had imagined myself to be at this age when I was a young girl. 

I have had 2 kids, 4 hospital "births," and 5 pregnancies.  I've been married 10 years come this August.  I've accomplished much, but for some strange reason, it wasn't until earlier this week when I saw that 30 year old glowing face that I realized I'm not a girl - I'm a grown-up.  And gardening in the Seattle sunshine has helped me to find, claim, and own that.  How strange....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Stacks: crafting/creating!

Here is a stack of some of my favorite crafting/creating books!

1)The Creative Family - this book by Amanda (the soulemama), is a wonderful collection of ideas and inspirations to raise children in a creative and imaginative way, while nurturing that family connection that comes from creating and growing things together.

2)Carefree Clothes for Girls - this is a translated japanese pattern book that has these to.die.for.adorable little dresses and accessories for girlies who like to be, well, girlie, but also love to play in mud.  My Hazel to a T :)

3)Little Things to Sew - by Liesl Gibson of Oliver+S fame, this book is chock full of adorable little things the kids love to use.  Like a red-riding-hood cape, a reversible bucket hat, and an explorer vest for collecting all those outdoor specimens.  I have already whipped up about 3 things for each kiddo (the sizes span both of my kiddos - from 6 months to 8ish years old!), and I find it especially great for sewing ideas for the little Shepherd.

4)Simple Sewing for Baby by a textile favorite of mine, Lotta Jansdotter, this book has super easy and super necessary patterns and instructions for things every home with a wee one needs.  Bibs, burp clothes, swaddle wraps, and super-rad baby pants, Shepherd has been snuggled and cared for in mama-made style thanks to this book.  Also, most everything would be a WONDERFUL baby shower gift.

5)Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts - Martha has cataloged sewing crafts from A to Z in this volume.  Including tutorials for most all hand embroidery stitches, useful machine guides, and instructions for all things home: curtains, napkins, pot holders, holiday decorations, basic shift patterns, aprons, etc.  A great recourse.

6)Martha Stewarts Encyclopedia of Crafts  This is the same as the last book, only it isn't sewing or fabric related - it's paper and glue and ink crafting.  Lovely pictures walk you through what feels like hundreds of gift ideas from bookmarks and handmade cards, to silhouette wall art and sun printing.

What are your favorite sewing/crafting books?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

book stacks: cookbooks!

After finding a fabulous new blogger named Sarah (, I have been inspired to share with you some of my favorite books!  Today, I show you a stack of cook books I love!

1) Extending the Table: A World Community Cookbook.  My mom had this cook book while I was young, but I didn't "discover" it until James and I were in Nairobi, and the missionaries we stayed with used this and the next book extensively.  It has great, simple, inexpensive recipes from all over the globe.  Our personal family favorite it the curry carrot soup - we eat it at least ones a month!

2) More With Less.  This has loads of recipes created around the intention of making healthful, delicious food that takes less of the worlds resources to create/grow/cook, as well as keeping your meal planning completely within budget.  We eat a lot of lentils and rice in this house, so this book is a fabulous resource for me.

3)Everyday Food: Fast.  For those of you who know me, you are likely aware of my affinity for all things Martha.  I know it may seem strange, but I really, truly, admire her (when she was in prison, I donned a "Free Martha" pin on my person at all times!).  Her company's Everyday Food brand has been a life saver for me many evenings, and this larger-than-the-magazine cookbook is organized based on the seasons and what is available, as well as by course.  It's a great one to peruse before I make a shopping list, reminding me that "oh yeah, in August, there is great corn on the cob to enjoy!"

4) Real Food for Healthy Kids  This book has tons of recipes that are delicious and also kid friendly.  We regularly make a mac n' cheese from this book, and it has numerous meals that are great to make for company, too.  My favorite thing about this book right now are all the breakfast ideas and recipes - as Hazel enters the full day elementary school system, I'm needing to up my breakfast ideas to keep her energy up while at school.

5)Dinner at Home Yes, another Martha.  This one is great because, like the Everyday Food: Fast book, it is organized by season, but is put together in whole meals - so there is a coordinating main, side, salad, drink, and dessert for every recipe.  It's PERFECT for entertaining :)

So, there you have it! My favorite cookbooks.  Look forward to my favorite crafting/creating books, theology books, and sexuality books, soon!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

summer begins July 5th in Seattle

today was GLORIOUS.
it typically becomes so just after the 4th of july - though yesterday was quite lovely, too.  
to celebrate, we spent the whole day outside.
 first we went to a church play date at a local park.  Shepherd loves his swinging, just like any good babe.
 Hazel is quite partial to swinging, too.
 since I'm always behind the camera, here's a lap self-portrait (and a poor image of my newest wiksten tank - LOVE THAT PATTERN!)
 in the afternoon, Hazel curled up in the grass in our front yard and promptly fell asleep! It was so cute, I couldn't resist taking a picture, after I smeared her bare skin with sunscreen of course :)
 after napping, Shepherd played in the pool (the hat is the reversible bucket hat from Oliver + S's Little Things to Sew book)
 but he's not fond of it, so he threw it in the water, and I had to rub sunscreen in his hair for his little baby noggin flesh.  Hence the most rad baby hair ever.
while his sister was still napping in the sun (which she later said was like napping in a big warm hug!), we are the rest of the watermelon from yesterday.  Somebody couldn't get enough!
I dropped my summer class because childcare was too complicated to organize.  I was a bit disappointed at first, but after today, I realized all the fun I can have this summer with my kids before they both enter the transitional times of fall - toddlerhood and kindergarten.  Savor the moments, mama. That I will try.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Boredom Jar

Yesterday, I spent about an hour making up a super simple Summer Boredom Jar for all the times Hazel whines, "I'm bored! What can we do now?" over the next
 Seriously, all I did was take an old jam jar (or maybe it was an olive jar, who knows?!) and tape a little sign on it, then using different colored pens and craft sticks, I wrote assorted things to do that were cheap and easy, and most importantly, things I was willing to do if the stick got pulled!
Here is a list of the things I wrote, if you are inclined to do something similar!
letter/alphabet hunt
sew with yarn (we've been practicing needle and yarn sewing because H really wants to use a machine soon)
play with bubbles
doodle pray in color
pack up and go to the zoo (we have a membership)
make jewelry with mom
nature scavenger hunt around the neighborhood
go to the beach
go on a hike
play with sidewalk chalk
make a giant board game with masking tape outside
go get french fries at red robin and eat them on the patio
weed with mom
finger paint
make watermelon juice
pack up and go to the childrens museum (we have a membership)
make a blanket fort
colors scavenger hunt
make a car race track in the dirt and have a rally
bake mud pies in the play kitchen
set up a tent in the yard
make dot garland and decorate
paint with the easel outside
play dough
have a snack and reading picnic
q-tip paint

There you go! I'll let you know how it works out!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

girl in a grown up gown...

Hazel has been asking to see my wedding dress for a while now, so the other day when I was in a generous mood, I let her try it on...

When she had it on, she wore it with such reverence, like it was the most precious thing she could touch.  It was really adorable.

Even her hilarious brother couldn't get her to lose her cool.  This was fun.  I recommend it to any of my mom friends.... :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

the days of cute kids

I just thought I'd share some recent pictures in your google reader today :)
 Hazel at the Mothers Day Tea at her preschool
 my girl truly loves being outside.  This couldn't make her dad and I more happy :)
 cutie or hamming it up for the camera? probably both!
 this silly boy already loves his books.

the true feelings of siblings.  big sisters love their babies like little mothers, and the little brothers are like, 'wha'?!' LOL!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mustard Chevron Wall

This is part 1 of our chevron living room wall!  As I am new with my camera, and I don't have an external flash, the color doesn't show up very true to itself here - this picture shows it much more corn-italian-villa-yellow, when it's really more of a mustard.  Anyhow, we plan to follow this tutorial to paint white chevrons over the mustard sometime later this week :)  I'll post process pictures when it's ready!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daddy/Daughter trip

I am not joking one bit when I say that Hazel's absolute favorite thing to do with her dad is go to Home Depot - or as Hazel calls it, "Hawn Depot."
 He let's her ride on the cart, and sometimes pushes her super fast so she cracks up laughing, lifting the spirits of the otherwise decision-stressed shoppers.  Also sometimes making the grumpy ones grumpier, but that's their problem!
 Hazel has the moves.
and the charm :) She should be Home Depot's poster child...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Shepherd loves the door knocker on our house.  I love to watch him reach for it, feeling the cold brass, the dipped curves of the letters, and grasp the knocker delighted by the ringing sound it makes when he drops it.


in our town, we have a bowling alley that hosts a traveling carnival every couple of months.  It's really a kiddie carnival - a handful of rides that only little ones can go on, and one or two scary ones that your parent can ride with you.  Also a TON of carnival games where you can win one of a million different junky stuffed animals, and a snack bar with cotton candy, popcorn, the works.  Basically, a preschool to 2nd grader's dream-land.  Hazel and James had a blast, and I enjoyed playing paparazzi with this new nikon d40, and then playing around in picassa.  A friend suggested I look into gimp - the free photoshop download.  So I installed it, but I'm at a loss as to how the thing really works.  I guess once classes are done this quarter, I can attempt to dive in!  Any one have any stories or tips to share about it?  I'm all ears as I'm learning!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

in the beginning

In the beginning was the Source
In the beginning
the G{od} of all that is
In the beginning
G{od} yearning

moaning, laboring
giving birth, rejoicing
And G{od} loved what she had made.
And G{od} said,
"It is good."

And G{od} knowing that all that is good is shared
    held the earth tenderly in her arms.
G{od} yearned for relationship.
G{od} longed to share the good earth,
And humanity was born in the yearning of G{od}.
We were born to share the earth.

Adapted from Carter Heyward, "Blessed the Bread: A Litany" in Our Passion for Justice: Images of Power, Sexuality, and Liberation (New York: Pilgrim Press, 1984).

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Fun to be a Mom of an Almost 5 Year Old (sometimes)

and here was one of those times...
 Hazel asked if she could try on my old dresses.  This green one was my senior prom dress.  It was the only one that I bought.  Mom took me to J.C. Penney, and this iridescent green/purple gown was spectacular at the time :)
 This was, I think, a tolo dress that my mom and I designed together, and she made.  Can you tell what my favorite style of literature was at the  time?! lol
 And my wedding dress.  Someday, I will take her outside to get some truly lovely photos of her playing in this, because that's all it's really good for now - and memories.  My mom and I designed this one together, too, and mom made it.  You can't tell from the picture, but the overlay chiffon has beading and little round east indian mirrors all over it that caught the light and sparkled in a lovely and different way than so many of the glittery wedding gowns of the time.  Hazel felt almost reverent wearing it - it was a real treat for her as she walked solomly all around the house like the moment was truly magical.  sigh.
but all in all, I think she truly has been having the most fun this spring outside digging in the dirt and loving nature.  And really, this is the way I like to see her best, too.  I love my girl.


It has been a long and draining quarter, so far.  I have had hardly any time to do anything creative and I'm really feeling the lack.  However, my weekend class completed this past weekend, and so all I have remaining is classes thursday afternoons and the writing of 3 papers.  I think I can manage my time carefully enough to be able to craft/sew/knit a little.  wish me luck!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things around me

*a girl who is finally liking her hair done
*the freshly knitted yoke of my February lady sweater
*a stack of books I'm required to read spring quarter
*the first cuts for the chevron quilt I'm working on for Shepherd
*a copy of Oliver + S little things to sew calling my name
*a silly bebe who loves food and his stokke trip trap high chair
*pruning scraps from the random nice weather

I love this life :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring break '12 & prayer

it doesn't feel like spring break.  I'm calling MTI sites for internships, and reading for my upcoming weekend class, and taking H to school - and registering her for kindergarten (holy s**t!).  James' birthday is less than a week away and I have no idea what I'm going to do about that.  sigh.

Actually, the most thought consuming task I am in the midst of is being brought on by a single bolded section of the syllabus for my class Spiritual Discernment & Decision Making.  It reads as follows:

 Discernment presupposes that the person has a habit of prayer, so you are encouraged either to continue your regular habits of prayer or to discover a prayer pattern which provides the grounding for a loving discernment and discerning love in your life. 

I spend a lot of time talking, teaching, sharing, advocating for, and thinking ABOUT God, but praying or spending personal time with God? uh... my bad.

Prayer and the idea of prayer has become my screwtape letters devil experience.  Since my babies died, and God's people suffer all over the world, cancer kills many who pray dutifully and death passes over those who never pray a day in their lives,I have struggled with the idea that prayer is somewhere that people ask God for help, or to do things for them.  I am almost physically ill when I hear others pray like that, and  it's practically physically impossible for me to pray in that way.  To put it simply, I cannot believe in a God who "answers" some people's prayers and not others.  That, to me at least, is not the meaning of Love.
Additionally, I still have that childish lingering feeling that if I simply use prayer as a way to chat-it-up with God, I'm wasting God's (and quite frankly, mine as well) time.

I believe that God is present with me when I am gathered with friends, my family, alone.  I believe that God is my constant companion, my "invisible friend" who never leaves me and is always in love with me.  I believe that, if I had to claim a way I pray, I would say that at any time I want/need, I turn my inner eyes to a corner of my mind and see God's hands on my shoulder, God's face emitting emotions based on my own feelings/situation but always mixed with love and concern.  Maybe that constant speechless yet empathetic companion is my way of praying?? hmm, more to think about....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

changes big and filling

As many of you know, I am in grad school.  seminary, to be exact.  And I have a strongly discerned and confirmed call to be a sexual theologian through writing and teaching and story-sharing.  I had determined 3 years ago when I began seminary, that the way through which I would create such a unique career would be as a psychotherapist specializing in sexuality.  however, this quarter, something changed.

I have recognized that the clinical pieces of psychotherapy don't only disinterest me, but they drain me of energy.  Learning the diagnostic categories for "disorders," used to sound super intriguing, but now that I'm doing just that, it feels like labeling and hyper-focused listening that easily neglects the story of the client as a whole person made in God's image. I have, also, been mourning the loss of the theology and spirituality classes I was taking before my program intensified into the clinical.  I have been longing for Olivier Clement and Bonhoeffer.  William Countryman and Maya Rivera.  As I looked at the remaining 2 years + a quarter of school, I would not be able to take even one more theology class, and I suddenly felt empty, bored, unfulfilled, scared, and upset that I may have misled myself.  Though mental health psychotherapists and extreemly valuable members in society, I no longer feel lead to be one.

well, crap.  Does that mean $42k in student loans is down the drain?!? this is what I assumed my partner would say when I mentioned my thoughts shifting.

not at all! Because here's the grace! I chose to learn psychotherapy in a seminary.  As a candidate for ministry in the ELCA who has strong community support from her congregation, her family, and the sisterhood of the ELCA Deaconess Community, I know I am still called, if not more strongly than ever, to be a sexual theologian.   And now that I have been in my seminary community, I have found a way to make that call fit me so much better!

and that is something I am having a meeting about this morning with my adviser.  Is it feasible to change at this point? Practically, are the classes I would need available on my timeline, and some more questions.  The change in direction is slight.  My previous courses would not have been taken in vain, for they are required for both.  By noon I will be confirmed & registered for a new course of action preparing me as a spiritual director :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Lent is one of my favorite times in the church year. Yeah, I know it's a little strange.  It appears to be this dark, contemplative time in the last weeks of winter, to give up chocolate. Or coffee. But, I like lent because it's a time set apart for renewal.  And  a time to participate in my congregational community a bit more deeply with soup suppers and simple mid-week services.  Lent gives me the chance to remember my blessings and simplify my life.  Lent gives me a chance to breathe just when things get crazy and reminds me that I am loved regardless of how much I accomplish.

This week has been full of reminders that things that are NOT going to be simple in the coming months.  Grad school internship interviews, CPE applications for the summer, kindergarten registration & introducing solid foods, and discussions about how much is enough to offer our dream nanny for the crazy summer/fall schedule changes.  My life feels so far from simple these days I could cry. And I have.

But here comes lent. Right at the time I crave it most. Right before I start taking my anxiety out on my family and friends, I am reminded that there is one with me who wants to lighten my load.  One who cares and will not judge my imperfections.  One who actively participates in my suffering, anxiousness, joy, and fear, and who is witnessed to me in my community.  Even when I am unwilling to notice.

My lenten discipline this year will be to pray the psalms.  I am not a pray-er.  I mean, personally.  When asked to pray in public, I can roll out stuff of gold thanks to all of my theological education, but personally, I struggle with the ideas of results from prayer.  Last year around this time I spent 2 weeks with members of the ELCA Deaconess Community and a brother who was there taught me that the psalms are the prayers of all Gods people across the world and time.  AND, even if a psalm doesnt resonate with me as I pray it, I am joining in prayer with Christ for someone who needs that prayed.  Just like, in my prayerlessness, Christ shouts and sings and raises psalm prayers for my wordlessness.

And I do hope to have a personal benefit from this discipline.  I hope to work on hearing every persons story as uniquely theirs and not judge them based on my experience.  And I hope to find a place of refuge from the anger I inherit from injustices - small and large.  For I feel so skeptical of everything and everyone so much of the time that I fear I push people away from myself without knowing it.  May the Psalms of lent be my solace.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 months old + some musings

 I've been taking pictures of Shepherd in front of this ikea duvet cover each month.  Here's 5 :) I cannot believe it.  Neither can James.  It's going so fast, we almost have newborn-fever again.  But not really.
 Even though the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, our front yard would beg to differ.  We have gone on walks, had picnic lunches, and generally frolicked in the spring-shining-sun way more than usual this February.
 Shepherd tried sweet potatoes.  He liked them. Can you tell? He kind of looks like he's gone crazy for them in this photo.  like, really crazy.... heehee.... {gulp!}
 Hazel has the most interesting hair. it's more unique the more you look at it. one of our neighbors once asked if it was grey & i said yes because it certainly can look that way at times.  it has the texture of straightened curls, is so thick we have to get it regularly thinned but it wont hold a clip/pin in place.  this picture is lovely though, isnt it?
 they love one another. when we pick Haze up from school, she snuggles Shep in the hall immediately - blocking all  the foot traffic, and he just grins ear to ear and gives a resounding belly laugh.
and she loves being outside. even when it's cold and raining, shes playing quietly in her own magical land.  She has "pretend kids."  3-5 depending on the day, named Diego, Alecia, Lucia, Martino, & baby Wella. they keep her company.

Today, we took a walk around the block in this marvelous sunshine.  A stay at home dad came out and joined us with his baby boy who is just days older than Shepherd.  As the babies cooed together and Hazel ran around collecting pinecones, the dad told me there are about 5 babies born on our neighborhood block within 3 months of our boys - 4 of which are also boys.  The others have been talking about starting a community group and he was sent to invite us.  If it all shapes up, Shep will have some fun friends to go to school with.  And get this, these boys all have cool names!  Shepherd, Frances, and Royal are a few.... wow!
baby hedgehog!
Hazel has been asking for a pet.  Isn't this little hedgehog to DIE FOR!?! I would name him Henry or her Ingrid...
wishing your days are as bright as ours have been :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

let sleeping babes lie

 Hazel fights quiet/nap time these days.  but it's fairly typical that, if I turn on old episodes of Felicity, she'll lie down on the living room floor to watch Ben (her favorite character - and likely first crush) and conk out.   Today, this is what she looked like - I love her so much when she naps ;-)
Shepherd fell asleep in the middle of the living room this afternoon, too.  And it looks as though he's found his own self-soothers.  When I was a kiddo, I sucked my 2 fingers, also.  Cutie.
 Still not a ton of baby chunk on these legs, but they're filling out nice and squishy-like.  And my-o-my the grin's and giggles we get when we squeeze them :)
Our old trusty point and shoot croaked a few weeks back, but the pawn shop sold us a mighty-fine DSLR - a Nikon D40 to be exact, and I'm LOVING it.  hope y'all like pictures ;-)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

4 months old
Shepherd is actually getting closer to 5 months old, but this picture was too cute to keep to ourselves :)  the 5 month photo may be better since this was one of the last few pictures our 5 year old canon point and shoot took before it retired (ie croaked).  We replaced it with a Nikon D40 (from the pawn shop - way less $$ and free manual's online.  Don't underestimate the pawn shop, people!) and while I am floundering around the thing, it already takes MARVELOUS pictures regardless of how inept the photographer currently is!
off to play with it...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Crafting on a snow day

With crockpot hot cocoa by my side, & a baby on my back/at my feet/always near, my machine (who desperately needs a name!) & I did some making today! Here are some pictures...