Thursday, July 5, 2012

summer begins July 5th in Seattle

today was GLORIOUS.
it typically becomes so just after the 4th of july - though yesterday was quite lovely, too.  
to celebrate, we spent the whole day outside.
 first we went to a church play date at a local park.  Shepherd loves his swinging, just like any good babe.
 Hazel is quite partial to swinging, too.
 since I'm always behind the camera, here's a lap self-portrait (and a poor image of my newest wiksten tank - LOVE THAT PATTERN!)
 in the afternoon, Hazel curled up in the grass in our front yard and promptly fell asleep! It was so cute, I couldn't resist taking a picture, after I smeared her bare skin with sunscreen of course :)
 after napping, Shepherd played in the pool (the hat is the reversible bucket hat from Oliver + S's Little Things to Sew book)
 but he's not fond of it, so he threw it in the water, and I had to rub sunscreen in his hair for his little baby noggin flesh.  Hence the most rad baby hair ever.
while his sister was still napping in the sun (which she later said was like napping in a big warm hug!), we are the rest of the watermelon from yesterday.  Somebody couldn't get enough!
I dropped my summer class because childcare was too complicated to organize.  I was a bit disappointed at first, but after today, I realized all the fun I can have this summer with my kids before they both enter the transitional times of fall - toddlerhood and kindergarten.  Savor the moments, mama. That I will try.

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