Friday, August 24, 2012

today I reach a milestone

Today, my spouse and I celebrate 10 years of marriage.  I am completely honored to have such a fantastic life partner who challenges me, inspires me, comforts me, and believes in me.  We are as different from one another as we are alike.  We compliment one another as often as we frustrate.  But in these past 10 years of marriage, I would not exchange any of the hard or good times for something different.

This first chapter of our marriage has included major things.  Buying and selling and buying homes.  Multiple moves.  Multiple jobs. Medical surprises.  Babies. College.  More college.  Graduate school.  And building a successful business.   I'm hoping that this next chapter of 10 years includes things like getting into the groove of a career for me, finding that perfect fit for James to teach others about ethics and rights, teaching our growing kids how to be peacemakers and justice seekers in their communities, and continuing to find ways to live out the things we believe in our home, family, and community.  I believe that the first chapter was the hardest - many major challenges and changes happen in a family during those younger years.  Here's to hoping the next chapter can be settling and defining of how we live our relationship out in and for the world.

Happy Anniversary!