Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Boredom Jar

Yesterday, I spent about an hour making up a super simple Summer Boredom Jar for all the times Hazel whines, "I'm bored! What can we do now?" over the next
 Seriously, all I did was take an old jam jar (or maybe it was an olive jar, who knows?!) and tape a little sign on it, then using different colored pens and craft sticks, I wrote assorted things to do that were cheap and easy, and most importantly, things I was willing to do if the stick got pulled!
Here is a list of the things I wrote, if you are inclined to do something similar!
letter/alphabet hunt
sew with yarn (we've been practicing needle and yarn sewing because H really wants to use a machine soon)
play with bubbles
doodle pray in color
pack up and go to the zoo (we have a membership)
make jewelry with mom
nature scavenger hunt around the neighborhood
go to the beach
go on a hike
play with sidewalk chalk
make a giant board game with masking tape outside
go get french fries at red robin and eat them on the patio
weed with mom
finger paint
make watermelon juice
pack up and go to the childrens museum (we have a membership)
make a blanket fort
colors scavenger hunt
make a car race track in the dirt and have a rally
bake mud pies in the play kitchen
set up a tent in the yard
make dot garland and decorate
paint with the easel outside
play dough
have a snack and reading picnic
q-tip paint

There you go! I'll let you know how it works out!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

girl in a grown up gown...

Hazel has been asking to see my wedding dress for a while now, so the other day when I was in a generous mood, I let her try it on...

When she had it on, she wore it with such reverence, like it was the most precious thing she could touch.  It was really adorable.

Even her hilarious brother couldn't get her to lose her cool.  This was fun.  I recommend it to any of my mom friends.... :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

the days of cute kids

I just thought I'd share some recent pictures in your google reader today :)
 Hazel at the Mothers Day Tea at her preschool
 my girl truly loves being outside.  This couldn't make her dad and I more happy :)
 cutie or hamming it up for the camera? probably both!
 this silly boy already loves his books.

the true feelings of siblings.  big sisters love their babies like little mothers, and the little brothers are like, 'wha'?!' LOL!