Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 months old + some musings

 I've been taking pictures of Shepherd in front of this ikea duvet cover each month.  Here's 5 :) I cannot believe it.  Neither can James.  It's going so fast, we almost have newborn-fever again.  But not really.
 Even though the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, our front yard would beg to differ.  We have gone on walks, had picnic lunches, and generally frolicked in the spring-shining-sun way more than usual this February.
 Shepherd tried sweet potatoes.  He liked them. Can you tell? He kind of looks like he's gone crazy for them in this photo.  like, really crazy.... heehee.... {gulp!}
 Hazel has the most interesting hair. it's more unique the more you look at it. one of our neighbors once asked if it was grey & i said yes because it certainly can look that way at times.  it has the texture of straightened curls, is so thick we have to get it regularly thinned but it wont hold a clip/pin in place.  this picture is lovely though, isnt it?
 they love one another. when we pick Haze up from school, she snuggles Shep in the hall immediately - blocking all  the foot traffic, and he just grins ear to ear and gives a resounding belly laugh.
and she loves being outside. even when it's cold and raining, shes playing quietly in her own magical land.  She has "pretend kids."  3-5 depending on the day, named Diego, Alecia, Lucia, Martino, & baby Wella. they keep her company.

Today, we took a walk around the block in this marvelous sunshine.  A stay at home dad came out and joined us with his baby boy who is just days older than Shepherd.  As the babies cooed together and Hazel ran around collecting pinecones, the dad told me there are about 5 babies born on our neighborhood block within 3 months of our boys - 4 of which are also boys.  The others have been talking about starting a community group and he was sent to invite us.  If it all shapes up, Shep will have some fun friends to go to school with.  And get this, these boys all have cool names!  Shepherd, Frances, and Royal are a few.... wow!
baby hedgehog!
Hazel has been asking for a pet.  Isn't this little hedgehog to DIE FOR!?! I would name him Henry or her Ingrid...
wishing your days are as bright as ours have been :)

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