Monday, September 17, 2012

New things are happening in our home

First, we got a dog.
Second, our girl began Kindergarten - and not just kinder, but full-day kinder.  Plus, she rides the bus.  Plus it's Mon-Fri.  Plus a million other things....
Third, our baby is hardly a babe any more - for Shepherd turned one, and took some precautionary first steps this weekend.
Fourth, Shepherd also began going to daycare this week, because....
Fifth, I start my internship in another week, and classes again this week.
Sixth, I joined the local Stroller Strides group and my arms and abs and thighs and ass and hate/love me for it.
I have many things I'm intending to do with some of this flex-time while both kids are with other adults and I'm not studying, but today on this first day with no kids and no homework, I went to target all by myself and tried on pants.  Yup.  firsts.

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