Monday, August 8, 2011

a cloudy seattle kids room

I just finished putting up these clouds here in the kids shared room. I'm so proud of them!  I don't have sources for the fabrics I used, but each cloud took a fat quarter.  I followed this tutorial that uses a super simple starch to stick the fabric to the walls.  I used Lotta Jansdotter's cloud template from her book Simple Sewing for Babies.  Hazel's bed is an ultra cheap-o one from ikea that we painted with her chosen shade of green paint when she turned 3.  Shepherd's crib is a hand-me-over from some good friends (Hazel chewed her crib rail to complete grossness, so we totally appreciated the freebie new one to spare lil'Shep from his sister's teeth markings!).  The cover blanket is another lucky ikea find from days of old - a duvet cover, but it's too warm for us to use the full comforter right now, so we just use the cover for color.  Once I've recovered a bit from the new structure of my family unit, I'll give you a detailed tour :) I'm pretty stoked about it!

A New Space for New Things

Hello Friends!  After blogging (albeit sporadically at times) for a couple of years, I think I may finally have an idea of how I would like to make this work :)  My intention is that this new format will provide a space for sharing about my family, my home-making attempts, linking to tutorials, and thought-provoking discussions. 

I promise to do my best at keeping updated here - posting about life and what my family and I are up to.  But mostly, I want this to be a place I can document the things I make and do to swaddle my family in love and comfort without over-doing it :)  Hope you stop by often!