Wednesday, October 26, 2011

its fall

my favorite season. the time for soups, home baked bread, crockpot meals, and spiked apple cider.  james is building the kids a tree house in the front yard.  i'll post pictures when i can find the camera.  since shepherd is 6 weeks old, we are done receiving meals from friends, so my housework has fallen behind enough that i can't find the camera under whatever piles it may be hidden under.

i'm going to do my very first blog sew-a-long with  i can't wait to have a cute skirt to wear with fun tights and boots this fall.  i'll post pics of that too (when the camera is discovered....).

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

good morning

my auturm breakfast - trader joes pumpkin spice coffee ( in my awesome  "i heart public transportation" mug from my bff), and a toasted bagel with trader joes pumpkin cream cheese. delightful.  also, see my super boring fence out that window?

today's (hopefully) the day I'll begin making my fence-fabulous bunting from these oilcloths.  pretty, huh? i got them all at pacific farics for $7.99/yd :)

this is the pretty little pink flower that welcomed me this morning on the succulent on my kitchen windowsill.  this plant flowers every couple of weeks, one blossom at a time, and each one lasts just 1 day.

and here's the little cutie i get to stare at the rest of the day.  yup - i'm a lucky mama :)

happy october day wishes to all of you!