Tuesday, July 17, 2012

book stacks: cookbooks!

After finding a fabulous new blogger named Sarah (, I have been inspired to share with you some of my favorite books!  Today, I show you a stack of cook books I love!

1) Extending the Table: A World Community Cookbook.  My mom had this cook book while I was young, but I didn't "discover" it until James and I were in Nairobi, and the missionaries we stayed with used this and the next book extensively.  It has great, simple, inexpensive recipes from all over the globe.  Our personal family favorite it the curry carrot soup - we eat it at least ones a month!

2) More With Less.  This has loads of recipes created around the intention of making healthful, delicious food that takes less of the worlds resources to create/grow/cook, as well as keeping your meal planning completely within budget.  We eat a lot of lentils and rice in this house, so this book is a fabulous resource for me.

3)Everyday Food: Fast.  For those of you who know me, you are likely aware of my affinity for all things Martha.  I know it may seem strange, but I really, truly, admire her (when she was in prison, I donned a "Free Martha" pin on my person at all times!).  Her company's Everyday Food brand has been a life saver for me many evenings, and this larger-than-the-magazine cookbook is organized based on the seasons and what is available, as well as by course.  It's a great one to peruse before I make a shopping list, reminding me that "oh yeah, in August, there is great corn on the cob to enjoy!"

4) Real Food for Healthy Kids  This book has tons of recipes that are delicious and also kid friendly.  We regularly make a mac n' cheese from this book, and it has numerous meals that are great to make for company, too.  My favorite thing about this book right now are all the breakfast ideas and recipes - as Hazel enters the full day elementary school system, I'm needing to up my breakfast ideas to keep her energy up while at school.

5)Dinner at Home Yes, another Martha.  This one is great because, like the Everyday Food: Fast book, it is organized by season, but is put together in whole meals - so there is a coordinating main, side, salad, drink, and dessert for every recipe.  It's PERFECT for entertaining :)

So, there you have it! My favorite cookbooks.  Look forward to my favorite crafting/creating books, theology books, and sexuality books, soon!

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