Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Stacks: crafting/creating!

Here is a stack of some of my favorite crafting/creating books!

1)The Creative Family - this book by Amanda (the soulemama), is a wonderful collection of ideas and inspirations to raise children in a creative and imaginative way, while nurturing that family connection that comes from creating and growing things together.

2)Carefree Clothes for Girls - this is a translated japanese pattern book that has these to.die.for.adorable little dresses and accessories for girlies who like to be, well, girlie, but also love to play in mud.  My Hazel to a T :)

3)Little Things to Sew - by Liesl Gibson of Oliver+S fame, this book is chock full of adorable little things the kids love to use.  Like a red-riding-hood cape, a reversible bucket hat, and an explorer vest for collecting all those outdoor specimens.  I have already whipped up about 3 things for each kiddo (the sizes span both of my kiddos - from 6 months to 8ish years old!), and I find it especially great for sewing ideas for the little Shepherd.

4)Simple Sewing for Baby by a textile favorite of mine, Lotta Jansdotter, this book has super easy and super necessary patterns and instructions for things every home with a wee one needs.  Bibs, burp clothes, swaddle wraps, and super-rad baby pants, Shepherd has been snuggled and cared for in mama-made style thanks to this book.  Also, most everything would be a WONDERFUL baby shower gift.

5)Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts - Martha has cataloged sewing crafts from A to Z in this volume.  Including tutorials for most all hand embroidery stitches, useful machine guides, and instructions for all things home: curtains, napkins, pot holders, holiday decorations, basic shift patterns, aprons, etc.  A great recourse.

6)Martha Stewarts Encyclopedia of Crafts  This is the same as the last book, only it isn't sewing or fabric related - it's paper and glue and ink crafting.  Lovely pictures walk you through what feels like hundreds of gift ideas from bookmarks and handmade cards, to silhouette wall art and sun printing.

What are your favorite sewing/crafting books?

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