Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Fun to be a Mom of an Almost 5 Year Old (sometimes)

and here was one of those times...
 Hazel asked if she could try on my old dresses.  This green one was my senior prom dress.  It was the only one that I bought.  Mom took me to J.C. Penney, and this iridescent green/purple gown was spectacular at the time :)
 This was, I think, a tolo dress that my mom and I designed together, and she made.  Can you tell what my favorite style of literature was at the  time?! lol
 And my wedding dress.  Someday, I will take her outside to get some truly lovely photos of her playing in this, because that's all it's really good for now - and memories.  My mom and I designed this one together, too, and mom made it.  You can't tell from the picture, but the overlay chiffon has beading and little round east indian mirrors all over it that caught the light and sparkled in a lovely and different way than so many of the glittery wedding gowns of the time.  Hazel felt almost reverent wearing it - it was a real treat for her as she walked solomly all around the house like the moment was truly magical.  sigh.
but all in all, I think she truly has been having the most fun this spring outside digging in the dirt and loving nature.  And really, this is the way I like to see her best, too.  I love my girl.

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