Friday, November 18, 2011

Tree fort of MIL addition!?!

Hazel has been asking for a treehouse for about a year and a half.  So, with a slow work week, James got to it - seriously. He informed me that what I had been invisioning was a treefort not a treehouse, and he proceeded to try and tell me it needed glass in the windows, use real siding, and have a truly weatherproof roof.  I managed to talk him out of the glass windows - but the rest he kept.  and more.  I'll post all the details when it's completed, but here are some W.I.P. pictures.....
 Hazel spent the whole time James was building the house outside watching and "helping."  She even got her own carpenters pencil from Home Depot (which she affectionately calls Hawn Depot.... weird.).
 all framed in and roof in place
doesn't this roof look awesome from the inside?!
 James posing with his "tool" lol
break time.
I need to go out with the camera again and take more pictures, but we're just waiting for decent weather to paint it.  I'll post another blog when it's completed! 

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