Sunday, February 1, 2015


Tomorrow I start my first day in this new call - Community Organizing Specialist for the Northwest Washington Synod of the ELCA.  I am so excited I can barely breathe.  It will be a long week, because I also start the other part of my new call - serving as the Community Organizer for Catacomb Churches, and the college I teach a course at begins its Spring semester as well.  

Long week ahead.

But today, the day before this crazy week and new way of living and doing life as a dual-income family begins, we went to a kind lady's home, and adopted two baby bunnies.  They are brothers, and as you can likely tell from the picture above, greatly loved already.  

I believe that our particular and unique family thrives on chaos and non-normative ways of being.  Every time something shifts, we seem to stack 5 other shifting things atop life.  And we grow so much in the pushing-pulling-newness.  We are nourished by change and challenge and find our selves and our joy and our growing edges softening up as we live this life chaotically.  

And so, tonight, as the kids screamed about what to eat, and we brought home dishwasher detergent we have been out of for 3 days, and sorted 6 loads of laundry, and packed lunches, and gathered daycare supplies, and snuggled baby bunnies while still trying to get their most perfect names settled, I am happy.  I am free.  I am loved.  I am ready.  

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