Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Last Friday, I went in to Nuclear Medicine and took a tracer dose of RAI-131 (Radioactive Iodine) that would leave markers on all the thyroid cells in my body so that the specialists would be able to determine the correct full dosage of RAI-131 to give me Monday.  Yesterday, James and I went in for my scan and full dosage.  While I was immobile on the scanning bed, James (brilliant man that he is!)  took this picture of what was appearing on the scan image.  This star is coming from my neck - where my thyroid used to be, and is showing us where the tracer dose settled in my body.  It also tells us that there were no floating cancer cells that moved to other places (that lighter comma mark in the image is my stomach - RAI leeches out in saliva, and you swallow that so the stomach typically glows, too).   This is very kind news.

As I left the Nuclear Medicine wing of the hospital, a number of alarms went off and people popped their heads out of their doors.  I was officially radioactive.  Woah.  This is what I look like.  Pretty gnarly, huh?

My parents fixed up a room for me to stay in while I need to be away from my kiddos for the next week.  Across the room is a TV with On Demand.  I'm making good use of that ;-)

My sister took this picture of the kiddos this morning.  I miss these two, even though they are crazy and wild and loud.  Maybe also because they are so crazy and wild and loud.  I love these bright shiny lovelies.  They have enjoyed talking to me on the phone (S:  I'm in the truck mom!  H: Sorry we're eating dipped ice cream cones without you!), and H has requested a Skype call this evening.  

So far, I'm feeling alright.  I went on a 2.5 mile walk last night with my dad (with him 5 feet in front of me, speaking back over his shoulder! LOL!), and fell asleep at 9:15pm.  Today I feel a bit nauseous, so I took a provided med and will need to begin sucking on 1 lemon drop candy an hour after lunch for the next 24 hours - oh it's a hard job...

Perhaps I will get to my approval essay and a stack of knitting, too - we shall wait and see!  I do have until Saturday in here!!

sr liz

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