Wednesday, February 13, 2013


this is the first time I have not been to the Ash Wednesday services.  I know, you're either thinking, "first time!? What a crazy lady to always go to that depressing service!" or "gasp!  She can't be a TRUE lutheran anymore!"

Whatever.  My husband and daughter had to run some errands (read: buy V-day cards for mama), and Shepherd was so cranky tired I was not going to torture church with his fussiness.  Instead, he has been asleep since 5:45, and I am hunting down diaconal internship sites for the fall.  I must say, so far, the prospects look pretty rad ;)

However, lent has always been a significant time of renewal for me.  I relish the chance to watch the changing of winter to spring in the midst of these 40 days of wonder and preparation and intentional prayer.  However, I am too busy this year (and too learned) to make a commitment that I cannot keep.  Therefore, I have chosen to incorporate two disciplines this season, with the awareness and acknowledgment that I might not be as successful as I would wish, but with the hope that I can be renewed nevertheless.  First, I borrowed a 40 Day Journey book by Parker Palmer from the church library.  I have hopes that James and I will be able to read the short page a day together and ponder our wholeness in the way that Parker makes so validating and realistic.  Second, I intend to pray in color daily - even if it is the shortest, most basic of doodles, I will fight for that creative energy to be spent in prayer.

There.  That's not so bad, is it?
(perhaps I should have given up facebook, but I'll leave that for another year...!)

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