Tuesday, October 4, 2011

good morning

my auturm breakfast - trader joes pumpkin spice coffee ( in my awesome  "i heart public transportation" mug from my bff), and a toasted bagel with trader joes pumpkin cream cheese. delightful.  also, see my super boring fence out that window?

today's (hopefully) the day I'll begin making my fence-fabulous bunting from these oilcloths.  pretty, huh? i got them all at pacific farics for $7.99/yd :)

this is the pretty little pink flower that welcomed me this morning on the succulent on my kitchen windowsill.  this plant flowers every couple of weeks, one blossom at a time, and each one lasts just 1 day.

and here's the little cutie i get to stare at the rest of the day.  yup - i'm a lucky mama :)

happy october day wishes to all of you!

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